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My Fortune is Love

I am not rich in the sense that I have an over-abundance of money in the bank.  Sure, I have a good job and I can pay my bills and help provide for my family, but I am not rich.  My fortune lies in the abundance of love I am surrounded with because of my friends and family.  I have a very close relationship with my parents.  They have been there for me unconditionally, and I would not be who I am today if I didn’t have them.  I also have a loving, caring husband who supports me no matter what kind of crazy idea I come up with.  I am somewhat of a dreamer, but he never says I can’t do it.  He always tells me I can do whatever I put my mind to and he will be there with me 100%.  I have a beautiful, healthy daughter and two amazing step-sons and watching them grow into the little people they have become is a blessing I am so thankful I get to witness every day.  I don’t have a ton of close friends, but the ones I do have are amazing and supportive and loving and I would do anything for any of them.  I am also fortunate to have many acquaintances who add a fresh outlook on life.  I am always learning from the people I meet and get to talk to.

These are the things I am thankful for and I hope never to take for granted.  When I was younger I used to think I had to be wealthy to be happy.  Every day I am further from the person who used to think that way.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone wants to have a good job and be able to buy things and provide, but if you are fortunate enough to be grateful for all the wonderful things you already have in your life, then you my friend, are truly rich.


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Purple Is My Comfort Color

Purple is my comfort color.  Someone once told me that purple is an Angel color, and because of my intense belief and connection to the Angels, it has become a part of me.  It became my comfort color.  I had already owned an amethyst worry stone that was purple, and my daughter happened to be wearing purple at the time I was told that purple is an Angel color, and I guess it just sort of stuck.  Purple makes me feel good and safe and protected.  If I am going into a stressful or troubling situation, I will wear something purple.  My purple amethyst is always close by and I feel a connection to something greater than me when I  have purple around me.  Purple is my comfort color.

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I Am My Own Version of Ordinary

What is it to be ordinary?  Is it normal, mediocre or common?  Yes, it is all of those things. Am I ordinary?  Sure, but not by anyone’s standards but my own.  I am my own version of ordinary and it suits me just fine.  I don’t want to compare myself to others and I don’t want to compete with anyone.  I want to exist in my own skin and be happy there.  Being extraordinary can be ordinary if that is your definition of normal.  So, I think I’ll be extraordinary today.  Happy Friday!


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Love Yourself: The True Path To Acceptance

Practice what you preach.  This old adage rings true every day of our lives.  Part of my job as a fitness instructor is to help empower women and show them that they can be beautiful and strong just by being themselves.  Don’t listen to the criticisms of others, and especially do not listen to the criticisms in your own head.  You should speak to yourself as though you are speaking to your best friend.  You would never tell your best friend that he or she is overweight, unattractive, or anything less than what they truly are.  So why do this to yourself?

I struggle daily to keep the forefront of my existence focused on self-love and self-acceptance.  I am far from perfect, but that’s only because I don’t match up to someone’s idea of perfect, including my own.  I take steps every day to make healthy choices, stay physically fit and to live with integrity and love.  I don’t think I should ask myself for more than that!  But it is hard.  We beat ourselves up for bad food choices or skipping workouts, or drinking too much wine sometimes.  We beat ourselves up for not being the perfect parent or the perfect husband or wife.  But the truth is, if you go after each day knowing you are doing your best, then I say give yourself a great big hug at the end of the day.  You deserve it for being yourself.  Your truly beautiful, wonderful, amazing self!


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Today is Day One (I Will Conquer)


I have let myself go.  I came into a very stressful situation in my life and I used food and drink as a way to cope.  I also slacked off on my workouts because I was feeling depressed and let myself skip them.   I didn’t think the situation would last as long as it has, so I let myself indulge hoping I could find some comfort.  Well I didn’t find any comfort, I only found myself feeling sluggish and filled with more anxiety.

I woke up this morning at 9am feeling worse than I have in a very long time.  I had a headache and I slept until 9 because I just didn’t feel like getting up to face the world.  I knew it was time to make a change.  I cannot control the outcome of my current situation, but I can control how I am dealing with it.  Today is day one.  I will conquer the urge to indulge as a way to cope with my problems.  I will instead drink plenty of water and make healthier food choices.  I am also going to stop drinking for 30 days.  I need to reset my mind and my body and get myself back to a healthier place mentally and physically.

This is not going to be easy.  Once you get yourself stuck in a rut, taking the first step to get out is always the hardest.  I know I can do this, because I have to do this.  If I keep going down this road I will only become sadder and unhealthier.

Feel free to post a motivational comment to help get me started on my road back to happiness.


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The Wall (Is Why I’m Nervous)



Do you ever find yourself in a situation where one single outcome will change the rest of your life?  I am standing at a wall and I have no idea what is on the other side.  As I stand and look up at that wall, waiting for it to fall down, I am nervous.  Will it be the outcome I desire or will I have to rebuild my life to accommodate my new path?  I have no control over my future.  My future is in the hands of someone else.  And as I wait and the seconds tick by, to say I am nervous doesn’t even scratch the surface of the inner turmoil I feel.


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The Swarm

The swarm of butterflies in her stomach was fighting to escape.  If it did escape she could not be responsible for the outcome.  Holding all the anxiety inside was the easy part.  She could handle the inner terror and relentless pain.  What she could not handle was showing her weakness.  She was supposed to have faith.  She was  supposed to trust in her path and know that God has her back.  Today however it was almost too much.  To let the swarm of pain and anxiety escape across her lips would mean words she could not take back.  Her head is not clear.  Her mind is not her own.  The swarm has taken over her entire being and with her last thread of hope she needs to find the strength to rise above.  To silence the swarm. To believe.

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Desire vs. Need

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I am a fan of The Secret.  I truly believe in focusing on the good instead of the bad.  If you wake up and say “Ugh, today is going to be an awful day,” chances are it might be awful.  If you wake up and say “Today is going to be a GREAT day,” your chances of having a great day are increased greatly.  It’s all about mindset.

The same thing holds true for manifesting something great for your life.  If you NEED something and every day you think about how much you NEED this particular thing, you are actually pushing it away.  I know this because I have lived it.  It wasn’t until reading The Secret that I realized what I was doing.  I was NEEDING a promotion at work so badly to prove who I was and what I was capable of, that it was consistently just out of reach.  I decided instead to just stop NEEDING it so much and started appreciating what I already had.  I thanked the Universe every day for abundance in my life and I started to trust in my path.  I had a DESIRE to be better every day and started focusing on doing the right thing and appreciating the here and now.  Turns out, I wasn’t meant for that promotion, and life has since pulled me into a completely new direction.  By accident, I discovered a passion for group/personal fitness and helping others feel great about themselves.  My life is more fulfilling because I don’t NEED anything.  I only DESIRE to live a happy, abundant and successful life!

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She was filled with doubt.
It was as if she questioned whether the sun would rise.
To go back in time would be to re-learn the lesson.
To fear the unknown would be to roll the dice on her own fate.
But how?  How to live here in this moment and see the world for what it is?
No amount of fear or doubt will change what is to come.
So breathe easy darling,
There is no doubt that you are exactly as you are supposed to be.