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Today is Day One (I Will Conquer)


I have let myself go.  I came into a very stressful situation in my life and I used food and drink as a way to cope.  I also slacked off on my workouts because I was feeling depressed and let myself skip them.   I didn’t think the situation would last as long as it has, so I let myself indulge hoping I could find some comfort.  Well I didn’t find any comfort, I only found myself feeling sluggish and filled with more anxiety.

I woke up this morning at 9am feeling worse than I have in a very long time.  I had a headache and I slept until 9 because I just didn’t feel like getting up to face the world.  I knew it was time to make a change.  I cannot control the outcome of my current situation, but I can control how I am dealing with it.  Today is day one.  I will conquer the urge to indulge as a way to cope with my problems.  I will instead drink plenty of water and make healthier food choices.  I am also going to stop drinking for 30 days.  I need to reset my mind and my body and get myself back to a healthier place mentally and physically.

This is not going to be easy.  Once you get yourself stuck in a rut, taking the first step to get out is always the hardest.  I know I can do this, because I have to do this.  If I keep going down this road I will only become sadder and unhealthier.

Feel free to post a motivational comment to help get me started on my road back to happiness.


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5 thoughts on “Today is Day One (I Will Conquer)

  1. MOTIVATIONAL COMMENT!! For real, I have mad feels for anyone who will look in the mirror (literally and /or figuratively) and not only admit what they see, but then work to change it and not go deeper into denial. I vowed not to be overly dark and personal on my blog, but I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about and if you want to talk beneath the surface from someone who is FINALLY out of a very deep rut, you can find me here : Goodforworks@gmail.com

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  2. “taking the first step to get out is always the hardest”
    This is very true. However, you’ve already taken that first step with just simply acknowledging and making a plan ahead.
    Stay strong, you have an exciting unpredictable journey ahead.


      1. You’re very welcome. Yes indeed, once you’re able to see the positive side to the difficulty it becomes something you WANT to do rather than something you HAVE to do.

        Unfortunately not everyone is determined and strong enough to reach that stage. Though I’m very proud you have ☺️Keep going strong, best wishes for the rest of the journey x

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