My Love For Her is Massive

My lovely, sweet daughter was brought into this world almost six years ago.  The fear I felt when I first learned of my pregnancy was massive.  I was not prepared for the sudden shift in my life and I remember having a mix of fear and excitement.  I had always wanted to be a mother, but was I ready for it?  Would 9-months be enough time for me to get my life in the proper order to make sure she could be taken care of and I could give her everything she needed?

The months leading up to her birth brought upon me a massive shift in my priorities and my life’s desires.  All I wanted was to have a healthy, happy and safe little girl.  Long gone were my days of staying up late and thinking only of myself.  She was my newest and greatest priority and not once did I miss my old life.

The day she was born was the most magical day of my existence.  I already knew I loved her, but I had no idea how massive the idea of love could be.  My heart bursts just writing this because I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be this little girl’s mother.  She is my life, and I will spend every moment of my life making sure she knows how much she is loved.

Someone told me once that it isn’t our children’s choice to be brought into this world.  We make that choice for them, and it is our responsibility to make sure we give them the best life we can.  Parenting is a massive responsibility, but the massive amount of love you get in return is worth more to me than anything my heart could ever desire.

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